Did you go to Camp Sholom back in 1939, or the early 40's?
Then you may have known about this remarkable story that has now been made into a film called ...

"50 CHILDREN - The Rescue Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus"
aired on HBO April 8, 2013
Camp Sholom was an important part of this marvelous story. 

    video interview with
Steve Pressman the filmmaker, Bunny & Lance & Beryl





  Welcome to the Camp Sholom web site
for the stone age campers of the 40's and 50's
Over the next few months we will be adding a number of pictures and other interesting items that we had saved from our
camp days. We are also asking that anyone who had attended camp back then drop us a note at the following address:

LanceZ@SoundsOFPhilly.com or How23Ber@aol.com

Also check out the web site: www.50CHILDREN.COM (not online at this time)

Are you
in this picture?
We would like to know who you are and what year you went to camp?


As you can see this is the boys camp. We do have the girls camp picture and will post it shortly.
If you can correctly tell us which row Lance is in and counting from the left, what number he is, we will send you
FREE Caribbean Cruise vacation certificate for two that can be used up to a year from the time you register it. 
Just send your answer to: LanceZ@SoundsOFPhilly.com


Yes itís Me Ö. LanceZ.. I have finally emerged after years of living as a fugitive on the run since that infamous day back in 1954 during silent meal, when I caused the loudest noise ever to have been heard on the camp grounds and beyond. As a result, I single handed lost the color war for the white team, causing more points to be deducted in one single activity than all the events combined for the entire color war of that year. I have waited all these long and lonely years until most of my team mates have either gotten to old to remember, or passed away. Therefore, I now feel it is safe for me to come out of hiding. My only hope is that anyone who still has any recollection of this was on the
Blue Team.
That being said, drop me an email and let me know what you remember about those days and Iíll be happy to get back to you. If you were on the white team Ö
                forget about it!




               Do you know who won Color War in "48"?  Looks like the white team was a little short on lyrics.  


Hi, I'm Lance Zeaman and I went to Camp Sholom from 1944 to 1954. Did you know me? I would love to hear from you.

Hi, I'm Beryl Kravitz and I'm  Lance's sister. As hard as that was on me, I still managed to have a great time at Camp Sholom. Let me hear from you. How23ber@aol.com

       This is the way we remember it. Let us know if you think it's correct       


Lots More to Come ...